Google now gives your website kudos for using HTTPS

Google uses HTTPS ranking signal

It's official, Google has announced that they are now using HTTPS (or HTTP over TLS) as a ranking signal. This means google will be checking if it can access your website over HTTPS and give you a higher ranking than if your website was unavailable over HTTPS (although they state... keep reading about Google now gives your website kudos for using HTTPS

Simple Tools to Create Engaging Content

Creative Engaging Websites

Creating high-quality, consistently branded content requires time, ideas, and plenty of people power. During our most recent company rebrand and website redesign we devised some simple and efficient ways to create our own content, and, in the process, both... keep reading about Simple Tools to Create Engaging Content

Upgrade to Universal Analytics now!

Universal Analytics Upgrade

Last week, Google brought it's updated analytics platform, Universal Analytics, out of beta. Our web developers have been testing Universal Analytics since it's introduction back in March 2013, but a few missing features prevented us from adopting it universally. That all changed last week when google took... keep reading about Upgrade to Universal Analytics now!

Google and responsive design

Google wants Internet users to "experience the full richness of the web." Part of this experience is browsing the web on mobile devices. How about including whether a site uses a responsive design as part of a website's Pagerank, Google? Check.

It will no longer be sufficient to have a... keep reading about Google and responsive design

Your Business Website and Responsive Design

According to Google, nearly 75% of people online prefer a mobile-friendly site. And 50% of people say that even if they like a business, they will use them less often if the website isn't mobile-friendly. Exactly how Google derived these numbers, they didn’t say; though we can say for certain... keep reading about Your Business Website and Responsive Design

When websites go wrong, businesses go right after them

A successful website takes two important things into account. First, your business' goals and objectives.

  • How do you sell your business to your customers? Your services? Your products?
  • What business software or platforms, other than a website, support your business?
  • Who in your business will administer the site and
  • ...

Increase Your Website Intelligence

Google has a neat little tool that is now available to all.  It's called Intelligence Events and it can provide you valuable information at a glance, rather than having to drill down into analytics to see if there is anything stands out.  To see what Google... keep reading about Increase Your Website Intelligence

5 Essential Drupal Modules for SEO

Here at Avatar New York, we frequently use the open source Content Management System (CMS), Drupal, to build most of our content heavy websites.  In my opinion it's one of the best CMS's out there.  With that being said, it still has a few quirks.  One of my complaints is... keep reading about 5 Essential Drupal Modules for SEO

Mohawk’s Been Googled

Avatar New York proves that style needn’t be sacrificed for market-accessibility. Mohawk Fine Papers Inc., America’s leading paper manufacturer teams with tech-savvy pros at Avatar New York to devise new technology enabling their flash-filled site to be indexed by Google and other search engines.

Digital Web Magazine contributor Alan K’necht... keep reading about Mohawk’s Been Googled


You Go Girl!

Crestwood Technology Group (CTG), Tuckahoe, New York, voted one of 2004 & 2005"s Fastest Growing Businesses by Entrepreneur Magazine and Dun & Bradstreet, has chosen Avatar New York for Site Redesign, Content Management and B2B eCommerce. 100% woman owned, this parts distribution company opened their doors in 2000 with just... keep reading about You Go Girl!


I can see clearly, now

Screenvision, the leading provider of cinema-advertising and cinema-marketing solutions has chosen Avatar New York to develop the company’s online site promotion initiative. The success of the site promotion campaign was so compelling, that Screenvision expanded its relationship with Avatar New York to include all web-related projects, including a site redesign.... keep reading about I can see clearly, now