Customer Conversion Driving Capabilities of Content Management Systems

Numerous factors come into play when it comes to driving online conversion, from effective CTAs to targeted outreach. Trust factors and the user experience, however, are becoming primary drivers for customer conversions in today’s digital environment. Thankfully, content management systems equip businesses to address the user experience and build user trust to help drive important metrics such as conversions. Below are four ways a content management system can effect a website conversion rates.

Good SEO supports brand trust

Search engine optimization is vital for online businesses. Beyond impacting search engine ranking for better visibility, good SEO helps to establish credibility for a brand, building consumer trust which drives conversion.  Quality CMSs are equipped to help businesses improve SEO by providing SEO-friendly URLs, efficient code, file compression, self-managed XML sitemaps, broken link check tools, and much more. However, content management system capabilities vary; choose a CMS that is equipped to improve your SEO. Additionally, ensure that your CMS accommodates mobile-responsive web design which also has a big impact on SEO.

Content marketing capabilities

Content marketing is quickly becoming the bread and butter of online marketing. Content marketing, when executed well, provides user-value, leverages emotion, commands attention, is easily shared, and as a result, drives conversion. Thanks to technologies such as deep machine learning, marketers can also obtain granular analytic data that helps to segment and personalize content to distribute customized content to the audience. Through insights into user’s online behaviors, historical queries, personal interests, and more, businesses can create highly targeted content and ads to drive qualified traffic, greatly increasing conversion potential. CMSs make content marketing easy and effective through automated content scheduling, built-in editing tools, content calendars, keyword and hashtag searches, content optimization, built-in site and platform analytics, and other features designed to support consistent and value-added content dissemination.

Simple updating and built-in analytics allow for easy campaign refinement

Built-in analytic information provides insight into the wins and misses of online campaigns, website functionality, CTA effectiveness, and more. Having in the moment data allows businesses to fine-tune design and campaign efforts quickly and proactively, including any factors that may be impacting the vital conversion metric.

Improved site performance

Site performance plays a huge role in conversion. Slow loading sites and other functionality issues frustrate users and cause high bounce rates. Through content management system capabilities such as code minification, file compression, built-in image optimization, and more, CMSs help to improve site performance, building user trust and improving retention and conversion.

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