Bottom Sticky Navigation Elements Versus Top Sticky Elements: Which is Right for You?

Navigation is among the most vital elements to consider in design; it guides the user through the online experience to meet their needs and the needs of the business. Sticky navigation elements have long been hailed as a user-centric solution to mobile and long-scrolling sites for a good reason;... keep reading about Bottom Sticky Navigation Elements Versus Top Sticky Elements: Which is Right for You?

Best Practices for Open Composition Web Design

Closed web design has been the standard go-to for some time. While closed web design is still the right choice for many types of websites, open design is gaining popularity, and for certain website types, this design is creating a visually compelling and dynamic interface that engages users’ imaginations... keep reading about Best Practices for Open Composition Web Design

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are a marriage between websites and traditional native apps. This cross-breed can live on user’s desktops and provide the ease of experience and functionality of an app with the wide-ranging reach of a website. PWAs deliver high engagement levels and reliable functionality in a safe online... keep reading about Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

4 Tips for Scroll-Triggered Animations on Your Website

Scroll-triggered animations are being used more and more as businesses see their contribution to the user’s experience. From minimizing the pains of wait times during loading to increasing content viewing on a website, scroll-triggered animations can help businesses to meet objectives. Avatar New York Web Design shares four tips... keep reading about 4 Tips for Scroll-Triggered Animations on Your Website

6 Ways Container-Style Design Improves Business Revenue

lead conversion

Container-style design creates aesthetically pleasing, organized, highly shareable, and intuitive interfaces. These factors provide a superior user experience, positively impact SEO, and ultimately, help drive business growth.

  • Improved SEO. Shareability, audience engagement, clear navigation, and providing indexing opportunities for search engines all help boost SEO,

  • ...

The Importance of Web Design on E-Commerce Metrics


Metrics such as inbound traffic, customer conversions, unit count per sale, repeat business, page retention, and more, are greatly impacted by the website’s design. From engagement driving aesthetics and trust factors to site functionality and user-behavior focused revenue driving features, web design plays a big role in the success... keep reading about The Importance of Web Design on E-Commerce Metrics

7 Tips for a Goal Achieving Interface

goals based on metrics

Whether a website is an e-commerce site or a business site designed for customer acquisition, there are goal expectations. Companies may have goals around sales objectives, customer conversion, lead generation, dissemination of information, or any number of metric or user behavior goals. For any website to meet its objectives,... keep reading about 7 Tips for a Goal Achieving Interface

9 Web Design Mistakes that Negatively Impact UX


Web design has a huge impact on UX from a usability, comprehension, and aesthetic appeal perspective. Design impacts user behaviors and completion of desired actions on the site, user trust, SEO, and vital website metrics such as user retention and conversion.

  1. Cluttered design. Designs cluttered

  2. ...

4 Tips to Improve Website Loading Speed

web page load speed

Loading speed is of paramount importance for business websites. Slow loading causes high bounce rates, diminished user trust, and has a negative impact on SEO and business metrics. Improving loading speed boosts web based businesses through an SEO lift and an improved user experience, positively impacting site... keep reading about 4 Tips to Improve Website Loading Speed

How to Make Your Website Masthead Work for Your Business

Much like newspaper publications and magazines, mastheads in a digital world serve as an attention-grabbing introduction to a web page. Imagine picking up a newspaper with no headlines; what would be the draw to read it? Digital mastheads serve as headlines, navigational guides, and an introduction to your brand.

... keep reading about How to Make Your Website Masthead Work for Your Business

A Monthly Checklist for Your Business Website

website checklist

Like any aspect of business, business websites require oversight each month to ensure a smooth-running operation. Business websites should be maintained to provide value to users, have a positive impact on SEO, drive business acquisition, and ultimately lead to business growth.

  • Security oversight Security is vital

  • ...

8 Features to Add to E-commerce Sites to Boost Revenue

Brick and mortar retail stores have salespeople, promotional signage, and other hands-on ways to increase customer spending. But, what about for e-commerce? When shopping is taking place online and the customer is left to their own devices, how can businesses increase customer spending?

  1. Suggested products

  2. ...

The Pros and Cons of UI Animation

pros and cons

Designing with motion is a great way to draw user interest, lead the user’s eye to important areas of a web design, and make a website memorable, but it can also cause some technical drawbacks.

A website’s interface is an impactful point of interaction for a brand. It... keep reading about The Pros and Cons of UI Animation

8 Conversion Killing Mistakes on E-Commerce Sites

conversion funnel

It’s not enough to have traffic driven to e-commerce sites; they must be designed to convert to drive revenue. Many factors can damage an e-commerce sites ability to convert, from website performance and design to shopping cart capabilities and checkout processes.

  1. Performance issues One of

  2. ...

10 Website Features that Improve User Retention

use retention

Getting visitors to a website is only part of the battle, getting them to stay there for a while is a different challenge. Retention is key in building conversion, repeat business, and overall business growth.

  1. Intuitive navigation. One of the biggest impacts on retention is

  2. ...