Web Design Ideas That May Make Your Website Harder to Use

Web design is an important aspect of creating a website that not only looks great but also functions effectively. However, not all web design ideas are created equal. While some may seem great at first glance, they may not actually be the best option for your website or your users. In this article, we’ll discuss some great-sounding web design ideas that aren’t actually great.


Animations can be a great tool to make a website more visually appealing and engaging. However, too much animation can distract visitors from the website's content and functionality. Excessive animation can also slow down the website's loading speed, which can negatively impact the user experience. Web designers should use animation sparingly and strategically to enhance the website's overall design and user experience.

Hamburger Menus

Hamburger menus are a popular design trend that hides a website's navigation menu behind a small icon. While hamburger menus save space on the website's homepage, they can also make navigation more difficult for visitors using a computer. Users often have to click on the hamburger menu to reveal the navigation options, which can be frustrating and time-consuming. Instead of using a hamburger menu, web designers should consider using a more traditional navigation menu that is always visible on the website and save the hamburger menu for mobile devices.

Auto-Playing Videos or Music

Auto-playing videos or music may seem like a good idea to grab the attention of your users. However, they can be a major annoyance for users who are not expecting it. In addition, they can also slow down the loading time of a website and eat up a user's data plan. If you do decide to include videos or music on your website, give users the option to play them rather than forcing them to do so.

Too Many Fonts

Using multiple fonts on a website may seem like a good way to add visual interest. However, using too many fonts can make a website look cluttered and unprofessional. Stick to a few fonts that complement each other and use them consistently throughout your website.

Trendy Fonts

Typography is an essential element of web design, but using trendy or unusual fonts can be distracting and difficult to read. These fonts may look great in a headline, but they can make the body text hard to read and may even make the website appear unprofessional. Web designers should stick to easy-to-read fonts that are commonly used on the web to ensure that the website's content is easily accessible to all visitors.


Pop-ups can be a great way to capture a user's attention or promote a special offer. However, they can also be annoying and disruptive for users who just want to access the content of a website. If you do decide to use pop-ups, make sure they are relevant to the user's interests and are not overly intrusive.

Infinite Scrolling

Infinite scrolling is a popular trend in web design that allows users to keep scrolling through content without having to click on a new page. While it may seem like a good idea to keep users engaged, it can also make it difficult for users to find the content they are looking for. In addition, it can also slow down the loading time of a website.

Mega Menus

Navigation is an important part of a website as it allows users to find the content they are looking for. However, over-complicating navigation with too many menus or options can make it difficult for users to navigate your website. While a mega menu can make sense in some cases, keep your navigation as simple as possible so users can easily find what they are looking for.

In conclusion, while these great-sounding web design ideas may seem like a good idea at first glance, they may not actually be the best option for your website or your users. When designing a website, it's important to keep the user's experience in mind and make sure that the design enhances their experience rather than detracts from it.

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