CMS Best Practices for Content Marketing Success

Obtaining a content management system is highly valuable for improving site performance and user experiences, improving SEO, and streamlining workflow. However, in today’s digital landscape where content is king, perhaps the greatest value of a CMS is to aid in the dissemination of consistent value-added content. Avatar Web Design New York shares five CMS best practices for content marketing success.

Choose a CMS with personalization capabilities

There’s no denying the value of personalized content in today’s digital world. Online customers want relevant content that appeals to their interests and emotions. Utilize a content management system that is equipped with user discovery capabilities to deliver segmented and customized content based on unique audience groups and their interests, historical online searches, and other granular user information.  Reaching the audience with relevant content drives highly qualified traffic to improve conversion, builds brand awareness, and encourages social sharing to expand audience reach.

Take advantage of multilingual features

We live in a multi-lingual world, and the internet provides a worldwide audience, so it makes sense to leverage that and expand your business’ audience base with multi-lingual support. Taking advantage of multi-lingual publishing capabilities will increase audience reach and help to build long-term sustainability for your brand.

Plan content marketing with purpose with your CMS

Strategic planning is vital in content marketing. From leveraging time-sensitive trending keywords and hashtags to rolling out goal-driven promotions and from identifying appropriate channels to publish on to customizing content to drive qualified traffic, content marketing requires a mindful approach. Utilize features within your CMS such as keyword and hashtag research capabilities, platform analytics, content calendars, and automated content scheduling, to roll out thoughtful and targeted content marketing that aligns with business objectives, seasonality, and target audience behaviors and preferences.

Take advantage of built-in analytics

Marketing without the use of analytics is like driving with a blindfold on. Utilizing a CMS with built-in analytics and social listening tools equip a business to disseminate highly targeted and strategic content marketing and ads, enabling highly successful campaigns. Reference analytics at least on a weekly basis to monitor the success of content marketing and ads on search engines and social media platforms as well as to monitor metrics on your website. Analytics provide insights into important information such as page views, CTA conversions, click-through, and much more, helping marketers to understand individual platform performance successes and opportunities as well as opportunities within content, web design and other issues that can be refined for better results.

Choose a quality full-service CMS

Not all content management systems are created equal, and it’s important to invest in one that will deliver the strongest results. Select a CMS that integrates content marketing creation and dissemination, editing tools, templates, built-in analytics, advanced security management, social media listening capabilities, multi-lingual support, multi-site support, workflow processes, and performance enhancing scalability, extensibility, mobile-app integration, and more.

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