A Monthly Checklist for Your Business Website

website checklist

Like any aspect of business, business websites require oversight each month to ensure a smooth-running operation. Business websites should be maintained to provide value to users, have a positive impact on SEO, drive business acquisition, and ultimately lead to business growth.

  • Security oversight Security is vital for both the business as well as the consumers. Each month, update company login passwords to minimize hacker access, review reports from security monitoring services, ensure an SSL certificate is in place, and conduct a website security review of issues such as Cross-Site Scripting, SQL injections, and Cross-Site Request Forgeries.

  • Functionality review Check to see how the website appears on different browsers to ensure compatibility and test e-commerce sites to check up on cart and form functionality. Time your loading speed to ensure pages load in under two seconds and ensure your CMS is current. Test your site navigation as a user to uncover issues such as non-performing pages, broken links, intuitive flow problems, and to ensure CTAs are working properly.

  • Content updating Your website should provide value to the user through updated content. Update blogs and articles, as well as header banners. Ensure user engagement components such as testimonial sections and social media buttons are visible, update photos and videos, and optimize all content with URLs and keywords to impact SEO. For e-commerce sites, update product photos, descriptions, and promotions to achieve metric goals and to freshen up the site for repeat visitors.

  • SEO tweaks Review and update keywords, URLs, and descriptions. Check all imagery and content to ensure they contain URLs and title tags. Check outbound links and backlinks to ensure they are in working order and connect to value-added and reliable sources. Finally, obtain a crawl diagnostics report to check for crawl errors and issues such as missing titles and duplicate content.

  • Backups Backup your data monthly and ensure that information is stored off-site for increased security and to prevent lost data.

  • Speed up with clean ups Loading speed is of paramount importance to website success. Delete non-used plug-ins or update plugins to new versions when available. Remove any files in the media library that are no longer in use, remove bad or broken links, and remove outdated content. Clean up any code that needs cleaning by employing practices such as CSS if not already in use.

  • Analytic review Analytics should be looked at on a weekly basis to monitor the success of online campaigns, website set-up, and CTAs. However, on a monthly basis, it’s smart to carve out some time to get more granular in understanding where website traffic is coming from, which campaigns drive the best user engagement on social media and any issues that could be impacting important metrics such as conversion. Take a close look at analytics each month to refine marketing tactics and website functionality to drive a better marketing ROI, SEO, customer traffic, and higher KPIs.

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