6 Ways Container-Style Design Improves Business Revenue

lead conversion

Container-style design creates aesthetically pleasing, organized, highly shareable, and intuitive interfaces. These factors provide a superior user experience, positively impact SEO, and ultimately, help drive business growth.

  • Improved SEO. Shareability, audience engagement, clear navigation, and providing indexing opportunities for search engines all help boost SEO, and can all be achieved through container-style web design. From increased engagement on social media platforms and creating navigational clarity to creating additional indexing opportunities by adding URLs to all shareable containers, containers improve a business’s SEO potential. Container design helps to deliver a great user experience, which prompts interactions, drives metrics, builds trust, and helps search engines to denote value in the site and content, promoting indexing and better search engine ranking.

  • Greater audience reach through shareability. Container-style design is highly shareable online. Online publications and social media channels drive a tremendous amount of engagement and traffic to business websites, with a focus on social proof, brand awareness, and engagement. Through liking, sharing, and following, online interactions place businesses in front of a worldwide audience. Giving each card its own title, description, URL, and social sharing capabilities, makes them engagement driving snapshots to build brand awareness, drive traffic, and build up social proof.

  • Intuitive navigation. Non-intuitive navigation is one of the biggest obstacles for businesses in driving online revenue. Non-intuitive navigation causes high bounce rates, diminishes user trust, and causes users to miss out on vital points of navigation that could help the website to meet business objectives. Container style design helps navigation by creating highly informative interfaces that clearly define and call out points of navigation. Containers work as CTAs and navigation combined, prompting interaction and resulting in qualified visitors to the relevant points of navigation, resulting in desired user interaction to meet the businesses objectives.

  • Equal focus on competing priorities. Navigational hierarchy can get tricky when businesses are trying to highlight competing priorities. Container style design helps to equally support competing priorities. With clean design leading the eye through the website’s real-estate and attention-grabbing framing of content, businesses can draw the user towards multiple points of interest and highlight the importance of each. This gives companies the ability to drive the business through various strategies that appeal to different target consumer bases, allowing businesses to boost multiple channels at once.

  • Clear communication of information. Container design, such as cards, creates easy-to-read and understand bursts of information. Users have short attention span online; there’s so much information that it becomes overwhelming. Container design helps to retain user attention resulting in better inbound traffic, site retention, and conversion, growing a business’ bottom line.

  • Mobile responsiveness. Today, having a mobile responsive website is essential. Most online users use mobile devices for a vast amount of their online time. Container-style design is highly adaptable to all mobile devices for a consistent user experience regardless of how or where the consumer logs in.

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