Important Elements to Include in B2B Websites

B2B websites are focused on different messages, functionality, and targeting than B2C websites and should be designed with that in mind. From lead generation to e-commerce sales, B2B businesses must keep a focus on providing a goal-driven website for business growth and a great user-experience for potential clients.

  • Lead generation mechanisms Include above-the-fold CTAs for lead generation with borders and action verbiage to grab attention. Include gated top-of-the-funnel content such as e-books or how-to articles and videos. Drive users to lead generating landing pages with links and keep lead generation forms simple and to the point.
  • Customer testimonials and trust badges Include customer testimonials, website security badges, awards and other trust badges to increase user trust to impact retention, conversion, and repeat business.
  • Quick order and one-click reorder capabilities Make it quick and easy for B2B clients to spend money with you by incorporating quick order and one-click reorder capabilities. Enable B2B clients to shop by style number, keywords, SKUs, to search with search bars and to place re-orders with one click from previous order lists.
  • A powerful value proposition Tell B2B clients why they should be utilizing the brand by including a powerful statement about the brand’s most important offerings, their benefit to clients, and how they stand out from their competition.
  • Social-proof boosting content Include value-added content, such as blogs and press releases, in designated sections of the website to gain trust by proving industry authority. Additionally, include social sharing buttons and links to important B2B platforms such as the company LinkedIn page where potential clients can check out reviews, profiles, and additional content.
  • Marketing automation tools for lead follow-up Incorporate marketing automation tools to follow-up with leads. Follow-up emails can breathe new life into cold leads and stop recent leads from going cold. Follow-up tools can be programmed to reach out to potential clients multiple times in different formats to direct leads back to company web pages and converting CTAs.
  • Simplified forms Lengthy forms turn clients away. Make lead generation and sales easy for clients by keeping forms simplified with only the most vital information to impact user retention.
  • Social media publishing and analysis tools Utilize a CMS with built-in analytics or a CMS plus third-party analytics to refine social media engagement and online marketing. This will address the right audience at the right time, with the right content, on the right platform.
  • Full optimization including mobile responsiveness Business decision makers are busy. Don’t lose them due to slow moving, unoptimized sites. Clean up coding and bad links to improve loading time. Ensure the website is optimized for mobile use and both desktop and mobile sites include intuitive and sticky navigation for easy use and better SEO.

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