Avatar New York Plus

avatar new york on google+

If you have haven't already heard, we're on Google Plus!  Unfortunately, we were not deemed large enough to get our own... keep reading about Avatar New York Plus

Google and responsive design

Google wants Internet users to "experience the full richness of the web." Part of this experience is browsing the web on mobile devices. How about including whether a site uses a responsive design as part of a website's Pagerank, Google? Check.

It will no longer be sufficient to have a conventionally designed mobile version of your site, it must use a responsive design. But that's only the short of it. Implementation counts two. For example, redirecting users from a desktop page to an... keep reading about Google and responsive design

Check Your Google Ad Without Affecting Performance

If your using google adwords for online advertising, you know that clicking on your ad is going to cost you (literally).  What you may not know, however, is that just viewing your ad in google search results can be just as costly.  If you are performing searches for your keywords and not clicking your ad, you are artificially increasing impressions and lowering your overall click through rate (CTR), which will ultimately impact (negatively) on how often your ad is displayed.  You... keep reading about Check Your Google Ad Without Affecting Performance