Simple Tools to Create Engaging Content

Creative Engaging Websites

Creating high-quality, consistently branded content requires time, ideas, and plenty of people power. During our most recent company rebrand and website redesign we devised some simple and efficient ways to create our own content, and, in the process, both increase its quality and decrease the time required to get it up and online.

Use Typography to Emphasize your Message

While it's true that a picture is worth a thousand words, a great marketing message must be direct and unambiguous. Many images fail in this regard. If you can't express your message through high-quality photography (or don't have the budget to do so), try using beautiful and powerful typography instead.  It can have just as much impact as an image.  SEO bonus: Google can contextualize text but it can't (yet) contextualize photography.

The image below demonstrates how we took advantage of bold typographic treatments and colorfully highlighted words to create impactful branded messages.

homeage hero image

homepage hero area example

Use Iconography to Communicate Recognizable Ideas Instantaneously

Using icons can be extremely powerful and allow you to communicate your message instantaneously and in more than one setting. 

We used this strategy in our services section.  We focused our service categories down to four core offerings, created an icon for each and combined them with powerful typography and intriguing titles.

Analytics of our services pages show we are able to capture visitors' attention and keep their attention longer than before our redesign.

service hero image

branding & identity service page hero

Create a Collage if a Single Image Isn't Working

Often an image will lack context, be difficult to crop or not stand out on its own. If you want to use imagary but don't have a strong image at hand, try creating a collage. Combining images and graphics can create an image that's more than the sum of it's part.

We create image collages for our case studies that tell a story about the client and project - something a website screenshoot by itself never could.

case study image collage

example case study feature image

Repurpose Assets to Minimize Effort and Maximize Recognition

Creating entirely unique sets of assets for different online marketing efforts can result in inconsistent messages and redundant effort. Repurposing content across marketing channels will strengthen your brand recognition and reinforce your message while decreasing the time spent generating marketing content and assets.  Below are some examples of marketing content derived from our website content.

remarketing ad images

remarketing ads created using our website's service page content

newsletter template

newsletter campaign using design elements from our website

proposal example slide

sales proposal slide for our services


proposal example slide

cred deck case study


Creating engaging content doesn't have to be challenging. A great content strategy leverages you and your teams skills, your available content assets and what you can get your hands on easily. In addition, repurposing your content across your marketing channels will keep your message focused, engaging, and easy to digest, no matter where it resides.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our approach to content creation. Reach out to us to learn more.