Upgrade to Universal Analytics now!

Universal Analytics Upgrade

Last week, Google brought it's updated analytics platform, Universal Analytics, out of beta. Our web developers have been testing Universal Analytics since it's introduction back in March 2013, but a few missing features prevented us from adopting it universally. That all changed last week when google took it out of beta. The following, previously missing features, are now part of the official release:

  • Remarketing Integration
  • Content Experiments
  • Demographics Reporting
  • Display Network Impression Reporting

Why Upgrade to Universal Analytics

For starters, Google will eventually force you to upgrade. But besides implementing the update on your own terms, there are a few key benefits over Classic Google Analytics:

  • User defined Custom Dimensions and Metric
  • New Measurement Protocol that allows collecting stats from any device
  • Ability to track the same user across multiple devices
  • Session and campaign timeout handling
  • Referral exclusion configuration
  • Search term exclusion configuration

How to upgrade to Universal Analytics

Luckily, Google has made the transition process to Universal Analytics seamless, ensuring none of your data is lost. Just follow these easy upgrade instructions provided by Google. For further help and information, Contact Us, or visit the Universal Analytics Upgrade Center or the Google Analytics Upgrade Forum.