The Importance of CX in Web Design

customer experience computer screen

The internet has forever changed the way businesses interact with their audience. Whether an e-commerce, a service provider, or an information source, websites are the primary go-to-sources for consumers and information seekers. The internet has been leveling the playing field, providing worldwide access despite the size of the business. The biggest distinguishing factor aside from the product itself is in how a business responds to its customers. The customer experience, or CX, is about every single touchpoint of their interaction with the brand. Within the essential customer touch points, is the customer's interaction with the website itself, making the web design vital in the customer's experience.

Issues such as a poor checkout experience, difficult to understand navigation, complex forms, and sites not being optimized for multiple devices, can lead to poor customer interactions, loss of conversion, and loss of future business. When a consumer buys a product, they want the product to be a good quality, and when they speak with a customer service representative, they expect courteous and helpful interactions. Customers want their online experience to be flawless as well. Small businesses and big businesses can compete for the same clientele. The only thing that may be separating a business from the competition may be a good customer experience.

For a brand to deliver an exceptional experience, its website must cover the fundamental CX web design best practices. Vital elements include multi-device compatibility, simple forms, intuitive layouts and navigation, and prominent CTAs and links optimized for mobile devices. Additionally, sites should have easy to find contact information and quick links to connect them with customer service directly from the page.

By incorporating these best practices businesses of all sizes can develop better customer experiences leading to business growth through consumer recommendations, better organic traffic. Better repeat traffic, better customer conversions and better social proof. CX is vital in web design to serve today's customer.

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