How to Tell It's Time To Upgrade Your Website

Your business's website is more than a place for customers to get information and shop, it's also a representation of your brand. But you know this. It's why you've put the effort you have into building your current website. However, websites need frequent maintenance and, sometimes, significant upgrades. Just as your business grows and develops, your online presence needs to do the same. Here's how to tell it's time to upgrade your website:

Platform Upgrades

Major changes in the software that runs websites, like the upcoming release of Drupal 9, means it's time to look at the back end of your website. As existing software ages, features you rely on to manage inventory or content may stop working effectively because the backbone of your site is too old to be compatible new features or other platforms. In some cases, new features you may wish to take advantage of may only be available for the most recent software versions.

There's also the security risk of using older versions of content management systems. If you website has been been upgrades in several years, it may be time to consider upgrading to a more modern platform, such Drupal 9, which contain many new and improved features and security updates. Using old versions of Drupal, or any other CMS platform, increases your business's risk of being the victim of cybercrime.

Business Updates

It's not uncommon for businesses to pivot their offerings or expand them. Starbucks originally sold espresso machines, not frappuccinos. As your business develops, your website needs to follow the same path. Add service offerings and new products, as well as remove content that is no longer relevant. Update contact information, logos, and mission statements. Your website should reflect how your business operates today, not last year.

Performance Decreases

Performance decreases can vary from a reduction in led gen forms , a decrease in orders or a decline in website visitors. If your KPIs are dropping, it's time to reevaluate your website, identify the weak points, and improve them. This could be as simple as updating your website's SEO or as complex as changing your purchase funnel. Either way, if your website's performance is lagging, it's time for an overhaul.

It's More Than 5 Years Old

The digital ecosystem moves fast. Not just in the shifting landscape of e-commerce and customer attraction, but also for website design. A site designed five years ago appears dated and unappealing and can make a potential customer wonder if a business can handle the requests and demands of today. If an Airbnb rental doesn't seem appealing on the website, it won't be booked. Similarly, a business's website that doesn't look good will scare away customers. If your website is more than five years old, it's probably time to consider and redesign and a platform upgrade.

Websites are essential to most businesses in 2020 and consumers are used to navigating them. If they don't work or are full of wrong information, it will hurt your business. Find out more about the upcoming Drupal 9 release by checking back with to our blog in the coming days. Contact us to find out if your web technology matches the current state of your business, is up to performance and security standards, and encourages the sale of your products or services.

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