How to Improve Your Website’s Sales Landing Pages

landing page

Sales landing pages are key to converting traffic to your website into sales and leads. A great landing page can make a huge difference in performance, while a poor landing page...well you know where this is going.

A landing page is a web page dedicated to converting leads. Often a landing page will have a web form to collect user information or a call to action, such as “Buy Now”.

Let’s talk first a little about why landing pages fail to convert.

Why Does a Landing Page Fail to Convert?

There many mistakes that can lower the conversion rate of a landing page, but the biggest mistakes with the largest impact on performance include:

  • Lack of a clear explanation of the offer
  • Poorly designed or worded calls-to-action (CTA)
  • A long or difficult to submit web form
  • Too much or irrelevant information

Getting customers to find your landing pages is hard enough. You’ve spent a considerable amount of marketing dollars building a website, optimizing search and buying paid ads. You’ve done everything right so far. But without an effective landing page, you are not giving your marketing funnel the final step needed to really pay off.

How to Improve a Landing Page

A landing page needs two things to be effective and convert: clear calls to action and strong, buyer-centric messaging.

Clear Calls to Action

A clear call to action may be the most important factor in creating a great landing page. There must be a clear reason for a lead to submit a web form or a buyer to purchase a product. Be it a sale, a special offer or a content download, clearly define what they should expect in return for giving up their information or deciding to purchase.

This is what sets a landing page apart from a generic ‘Contact Us’ page. An effective landing page should offer the visitor something valuable or enticing in clear and concise language. An ineffective landing page presents information in the hope a visitor will take action. An effective landing page provides a reason to take action.

Strong and Consumer-Centric Messaging

Many companies struggle to create effective landing pages, because they rely on vague and ambiguous messaging. Whether you’re seeking leads or sales, your messaging needs to be strong and buyer focused. They need to know you’re serious.

Content about a company's years of experience, many services or your commitment to customer service and satisfaction is common but not compelling. This type of messaging is about your company and not your buyer’s needs, goals, and challenges.

Put some thought into your buyer - what they want and need- and create messaging that speaks to a strong and unique value proposition. This will compel buyers to move farther down the marketing funnel and differentiate you from the competition.

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