Firefox's Ubiquity is like Quicksilver for the Web

I'm a big fan of Quicksilver, an application launcher for the mac (that's really an understatement, because you can do a so much more than just launch applications, but I digress).  So when I came across this Firefox plugin called Ubiquity the other day, I became immediately excited.  Ubiquity is like Quicksilver for the web.  It allows users to tell the browser, through language, what they want to do.  What does this mean exactly?

I decided to dig a little deeper to see how hard it was to create my own Ubiquity plugin.  It turns out to be surprisingly simple.  I wrote a little script that allows you to validate any webpage's html or css on-the-fly (which I find extremely useful in quickly testing our developer's front-end code).  You can download it from our software section here.  

Ubiquity is still very experimental and in it's early stages of development, but once you start getting a feel for it, you'll begin to think of how this little plugin can simplify a lot of the web-based tasks you execute on a daily basis.  I for one, am very excited about the possibilities.

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