Drupal 8’s Impact on Digital Business through Personalized Content

Drupal 8 web development

From ease of disseminating content to SEO boosting features such as providing SEO-friendly URLs, CMSs can be a one-stop shop for managing digital content. However, not all CMSs are the same, so when picking one, it’s important to choose one that will best help to meet your business objectives. Drupal has long been a trusted and easy-to-use CMS with a long list of capabilities, and the latest version 8 doesn’t disappoint with personalized content features designed to drive metrics such as the vital conversion metric.

Among the greatest contributors to business growth is the ever-important conversion metric, whether for purchase completion on e-commerce sites, lead generation, or achieving any other desired user-action. One of the prime ways of increasing conversion in the modern online landscape is by obtaining more qualified visitors through personalized content. Drupal 8 has integrated personalized content creation and dissemination features in their program to both offer a superior user experience and to boost the vital conversion metric.

Drupal 8 addresses personalization through features such as customer segmentation, custom content creation, and real-time delivery. These features enable businesses to disseminate relevant content to users based on their personal interests, historical online behavior, social media engagement and more, to drive qualified traffic to the business. Segmented content can then be disseminated throughout multiple channels for more targeted outreach to make the business visible where its target audiences are. This personalized and targeted approach drives more relevant traffic to the business and increases conversion while providing an elevated user experience through value-added content and the excitement of real-time delivery. Elevated experiences prompt loyalty, social recommendations, online reviews, and more, in addition to metric growth.  Additionally, real-time content delivery creates a sense of urgency with the audience that prompts user engagement with brands and keeps brands top-of-mind with the audience. As an added bonus, increased user engagement boosts SEO to drive more organic traffic as well.

The extreme targeting power of personalized content delivery makes Drupal 8 a qualified traffic and conversion driving powerhouse, and it achieves this with the ease and efficiency that the Drupal content management system is known for. Content marketing is a major factor in customer acquisition, retention, and establishing industry authority, and personalized content is the new benchmark for success within that realm. Personalized content has a big impact on digital business, and Drupal 8 helps businesses to deliver that need.

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