Conversational UI and How It Benefits Business Websites

The user interface for business sites can have a big impact on the success of the site and business revenue through the online channel. A good UI will simplify navigation and use for website visitors. Conversational interfaces, when executed properly, leverage human-like interactions to put the user at ease and improve their overall experience.

Conversational UI covers a broad range of capabilities, from simple voice-prompted searching, such as that in OK Google, to fully functioning customer service chatbots. Conversational UI is changing human to computer communications by placing the burden to understand and execute on the computer rather than the user and conducting searches based on human language instead of computer language. This shift of burden greatly improves the user experience.

Regarding metrics, including conversational UI in web design translates into better user retention rates, higher conversion rates, and more repeat traffic, thus helping business to grow their bottom line. Conversational UI also satisfies today’s user’s need for more instant gratification in a fast-moving digital world. Additionally, by providing an experience that mimics human interaction, businesses can connect to their users better. Conversational UI allows a business to express their unique personality, keep users engaged and informed, and creates an intuitive and easy to use interface, which will increase user trust and loyalty.

On the back-end, conversational UI can potentially lower overhead for businesses that are investing in customer service support. Today’s consumer is not exclusively active from Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm; those days are gone. Today’s consumer is always active, day and night and every day of the week. That’s the beauty of digital commerce; it’s there whenever the users are. However, for most businesses, the 24/7 model is difficult to support from a customer service perspective. Employing people to handle the demands of the business every hour of every day is a huge financial burden that many businesses simply cannot undertake. By implementing conversational UI in business websites, customers can be availed of services and answers through features such as chatbots, at any time of day, with a minimal overhead cost to the business.

Whether implementing voice-activated searching or high-functioning chat-bots, conversational UI is an essential feature that businesses must start to incorporate in design to be competitive in today’s digital world. Conversational UI helps to deliver on user experience expectations today and promises a new and improved world of online interactions for tomorrow.

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