Boost Mobile Performance with AMP Pages

Since the third quarter of 2019, mobile devices have accounted for over 50% of global website traffic. Phones are increasingly becoming shoppers' primary way to browse the internet. With this shift in web traffic comes a shift in website design. That shift is AMP pages, websites whose code and design center around the needs of mobile users.

What Are AMPs?

Accelerated mobile pages, called AMPs, are webpages designed and optimized for mobile devices. While responsive websites and a mobile-first design approach attract and keep mobile website visitors, AMPs take it one step further. AMP sites aren't just designed differently, they're written differently. Built using a separate web framework, also called AMP, and working with specific content delivery networks, AMP pages provide a crisp mobile experience.

These sites exist side by side with your original website and are linked. This means a user can view either, though AMP pages are preferred for mobile devices. Updates to gtag.js allow AMP elements to be tracked and monitored in your Google Analytics account, meaning an AMP site enhances your current web ecosystem instead of creating a second one.

The Benefits of AMPs

AMP pages load faster than other mobile solutions, a real boon when you consider when 70% of consumers say page speed impacts their willingness to shop with an online retailer. A page that loads in one second has an average conversion rate of 20%, compared to only 12% if a site loads in four.

A higher conversion rate isn't the only benefit to a faster website. Other benefits include an SEO boost and better consumer participation, from sharing to repeat visits to orders.

In addition to helping your site's loading time, AMPs also aid the experience of those on your email list. The same framework that builds AMP sites can insert AMP components into your emails, making your offerings faster and easier to consume on phones and boosting click-through-rates.

With mobile internet traffic on the rise, optimizing performance on mobile devices is a smart business tactic to attract, keep, and convert consumers. While developing an AMP version of your site is only one option, with a 170% growth in AMP pages since 2017 it's a solution many businesses, from Accuweather to, are implementing.

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