Best Practices for Open Composition Web Design

Closed web design has been the standard go-to for some time. While closed web design is still the right choice for many types of websites, open design is gaining popularity, and for certain website types, this design is creating a visually compelling and dynamic interface that engages users’ imaginations and holds great appeal. Avatar New York Web Design discusses best practices for open composition web design.

Always consider the type of website and what structure best suits it  

  • Open composition provides the illusion that the page continues beyond the monitor, creating interest and sparking the user’s imagination. However, open composition isn’t the best choice for all sites. For more serious, or text oriented sites such as a news-source, borders and parameters create a needed defined space to frame content, and the design is more in line with the website type as well.  For creative sites, open composition supports a playful atmosphere that commands attention and draws interest.

  • Web designers should understand what types of designs are appropriate for different types of websites. Understanding core demographics, target audiences, brand culture, and the industry will help to determine what type of design represents the brand best.

  • Combining open and closed design will allow designers to draw attention to important information with definitive framing while also allowing the design to be innovative and appear expansive. By incorporating grid framework into the website background, designers can accomplish both tasks.

Adhere to the same artistic design principles in open composition as you would closed

  • The rule of thirds is about establishing balance, and whether open or closed, websites should appear visually balanced. The rule of thirds divides a page into nine equal parts in a grid. The four interior cross points frame the focal points of the page and help to balance design elements.

  • Leveraging negative space helps to highlight important elements and information. Frame important text and visuals with negative space, utilize ample negative space between lettering for readability and use contrasting colors to make elements pop out from negative space.

  • Design with hierarchy in mind. Lead the user through the site by showing them what elements and points of navigation are most important by arranging them in places of prominence and the order of importance.

  • Cluttered interfaces and confusing navigation lead to user frustration. Make navigation simple and intuitive. Avoid hidden menus or hidden navigation. Keep designs uncluttered so important elements such as navigation, CTAs, and visuals pop.

  • Use bold and easy-to-read font and contrasting colors to make elements and text stand out. Ensure that font is large enough to be read easily and that font is not faint or too close to the background color. Websites or pages that are difficult to read are often abandoned and lack sharing power.

Make an impact by combining open composition with movement effects

  • Both open compositions and movement effects create visual interest which helps with social sharing, user engagement, and SEO.  By leveraging the creative power of open composition design, such as combining elements with parallax techniques to convey movement, website design can help to lead the user through the page, assist in providing social proof, and impact search engine ranking through engagement.

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