Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are a marriage between websites and traditional native apps. This cross-breed can live on user’s desktops and provide the ease of experience and functionality of an app with the wide-ranging reach of a website. PWAs deliver high engagement levels and reliable functionality in a safe online environment. They can also help to boost SEO and repeat traffic. Avatar Web Design New York discusses some benefits of progressive web apps.

  • Safety Progressive web apps are served over https delivering a safe online environment through encryption between the browser and website and prevention of snooping and content tampering.

  • Offline capabilities Progressive web apps are connectivity independent meaning no downtime for users, no matter their location. Through their use of shell architecture, PWAs utilize a static frame initially for progressive and dynamic content loading to accommodate users at times of varying connectivity.

  • Engagement One major benefit of apps is the level of user engagement that they solicit through ease and convenience of use. Apps are reused over and over, often becoming part of a regular user habit. PWAs leverage that usability and frequency of use to meet objectives regarding business metrics and user behaviors. They also make re-engagement simple through push notifications to drive consistent repeat business.

  • Reliability When users launch progressive web apps from their home screen, the apps load instantaneously regardless of the state of the network. Due to service worker background scripts and pre-caching of resources, PWAs provide rich offline experiences so that no matter the connectivity, users have a consistent and satisfying brand interaction.

  • Swift and smooth interactions Progressive web apps are quick and run smoothly eliminating jerky scrolling, slow loading of animations, and lengthy wait times for queries and navigation.

  • Progressive and responsive They’re called progressive web apps for a reason; PWAs are built with progressive enhancement to be usable regardless of the browser being used. They’re also fully responsive so they can be used with a consistent experience across all devices regardless of screen size.

  • Discoverability Since PWAs function as a website, they are indexable, meaning they are discoverable in search engines. This provides additional traffic and SEO driving opportunities while still benefiting from the convenience and functionality of an app.

  • Linkability Progressive web apps are linkable and easy to share through URLs. This can mean a big traffic driving and SEO boost for the business.

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