Avatar Reveals 5 Habits of Successful Website Content Managers

New York, NY—Avatar New York, an award winning New York web design agency, discusses five keys to delivering interesting and marketable content to your website audience.

Todd Johnson, managing director of Avatar New York, a leading New York web design company, says that with popularization of content management systems, more website owners are managing the content on their websites, instead of relying on web developers.

“While empowering website owners and cutting the cost of managing a website, using a content management system, can be a challenge for some organizations,” says Johnson. “Many organizations have little or no experience working with a CMS to manage web content. Consequently, a well designed website can, over time, degrade in visual consistency and excellence of content. Expertise in web content management is crucial to maintaining an optimal online experience for your website’s visitors.”

Johnson describes five essential habits successful website content managers employ while working on their websites.

  • Become familiar with the website you manage. “Often website administrators don’t take the time to become familiar with their website,” Johnson explains. “Routinely browsing your own website can shed light on how best to manage your content over time. For example, slow page load times may indicate image content not formatted to web resolution, which can lead to high bounce rates or visitors not completing desired goals.”

  • Understand the basics of your CMS. “It’s important to be able to easily work within your CMS,” Johnson says. “Not only can you work much more efficiently and consistently, but you also avoid making mistakes, such as accidentally deleting content or publishing low quality web pages. Even though, most content management work involves a small number of repeated tasks, becoming an expert in how your CMS functions is crucial to managing a successful website.”

  • Learn some HTML. “HTML is a fundamental part of the web. Not understanding at least some HTML can significantly limit your ability to use content management tools to their fullest,” he explains. “It doesn’t take much time to learn basic HTML and doing so can significantly increase your ability to work with web content and create beautiful web pages.”

  • Get up to speed on SEO. “People aren’t the only ones reading your website,” Johnson says. “Search engines index your website’s content and use it to create search rankings and search results metadata. Understanding SEO best practices for content management will help you keep your content relevant for search engines that your website visitors also find fresh and enticing.”

  • Prepare and organize your content. “Creating web content on the fly leads to poor quality web pages with poor messaging, embarrassing typos and ineffective imagery,” he explains. “You aren’t publishing the best content possible, if you haven’t taken the time to prepare and organize it. Properly prepared content will not only make web content management easier, but will also improve your website’s performance and user experience.”

Avatar New York has extensive experience working with content management systems as well as providing CMS support and training.

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