Avatar New York Urges Enterprises to Make Mobile Apps a Priority

New York, NY—Avatar New York, an award winning New York web design firm, stresses the importance of mobile app creation at large companies, and urges enterprises to make mobile more of a priority.

In IDC’s latest Mobile Enterprise Software Survey, the data corporation found that most large companies, about 60 percent, have failed to create more than three custom mobile apps. The survey also discovered that a whopping 40 percent of these companies developed less than two mobile apps in their lifetime. This means that some of them have yet to develop even one app, a puzzling statistic given the importance of mobile in today’s technology-driven society.

However, the shortage in enterprise mobile app development could be due to a lack of willing developers. A survey conducted by Vision Mobile found that only 16 percent of developers are targeting big businesses. Todd Johnson, the managing director for Avatar New York, a leading New York web design firm, says developing innovative custom applications for enterprises can be extremely complex. “Many large companies have been utilizing technology infrastructures better suited for the web,” he says. “This makes it harder for developers to effectively create an intelligent, custom mobile app for big companies. The timeline for these projects can be quite complex and time consuming.”

While the path to designing and implementing an effective enterprise mobile app can be riddled with difficulty, it’s becoming more of a necessity. Johnson urges more large companies to make mobile app development a goal for this year. “Companies that have deployed mobile apps have seen a lot of success, and I encourage other large corporations to follow suit.”

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