Avatar New York Lists Top Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Owners Should Avoid

New York, NY—Avatar New York, an award winning New York web design firm, details the most common mistakes small businesses make during the web development process.

As more consumers and companies begin to do business online, it’s become essential for smaller enterprises to optimize their websites. It’s no longer effective for small businesses to use DIY website services with cookie-cutter layouts and a multitude of restrictions. Instead, businesses must look to create unique, yet simple websites that speak to their audience. Unfortunately, many small businesses recognize the necessity of a good website, but tend to rush the project. This can actually have a negative impact.  

As an expert in web design, New York developer and Avatar New York managing director Todd Johnson says small businesses should work with a skilled and knowledgeable web designer and take the time necessary to create a quality web experience. “When small businesses are in a rush to launch a new website, they overlook important features, like clarifying a call-to-action or targeting a specific market,” he says.

Johnson lists some of the most common mistakes small businesses should avoid when building a new website.

  • Flash over function. Though aesthetics are important when designing a website, businesses should not go overboard with flashy layouts. “Design must not only be functional, but also on trend,” he says. “Simple layouts that speak to the user are best.”

  • Failing to promote a CTA. “All websites must have a clear and concise call-to-action to increase conversion,” Johnson explains. “Without this, users might not be prompted to engage with your page or contact your business.”

  • Neglecting the target audience. “Determining a target audience is extremely important,” he says. “Your target market should directly influence the layout, features, and overall style of your page.”

  • Featuring old, irrelevant content. “Content should be updated periodically to reflect new information,” he says. “Copying content from your old website and pasting it into the new one is generally not recommended. Content should be updated and tweaked to stay timely.”

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