Avatar New York Launches White Label Version of the Award-Winning MusicFirst Online Classroom

MusicFirst is a online classroom for music education. With a focus on engaging content and integrated software, MusicFirst provides students and educators with everything they need to teach music in a connected world.

Avatar New York and MusicFirst designed and launched the MusicFirst Online Classroom in the summer of 2014. Since that time, MusicFirst has been enthusiastically embraced by schools, both in the US, and also in Australia, after an expansion internationally.

As the platform spread within the music education community, a number of organizations became interested in MusicFirst as a customized online classroom that served their own unique music education needs.

These inquiries lead to the creation of MusicFirst’s White Label offering, whereby large and small music and / or philanthropic organizations can deploy classrooms using their own brand and content.

The MusicFirst White Label platform was launched in January of 2016 to serve the music education community and expand MusicFirst's vision of “Learn, Create, Share, Anywhere.”

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