Avatar New York Explains the 3 Rules of Engagement for Mobile App Development

New York, NY— Avatar New York is a web development company that has designed award-winning sites for businesses in a range of industries.  Avatar was the pioneer behind several web design New York techniques that have redefined the online experience.

According to Avatar New York’s managing director, Todd Johnson, “The Digital Age has certainly become mobile-centric, but there are millions of apps on the market. Developers are constantly competing for consumers’ attention. The most successful apps are those that keep users interested and engaged.”

While there are many techniques that app programmers can use to attract downloaders, providing a quality user experience is one of the most effective. These three design tips can help ensure your next app keeps users engaged:

1. Make the App Useful

The two biggest app stores feature more than 3 million apps combined, yet only 17 percent are visible to users. The other 83 percent are “zombie” apps that nobody sees because they don’t provide real value.

It may seem obvious that providing value to users is the key to a successful app, but 25 percent of downloaders use apps only once before discarding them. More than half of all apps are deleted within three months of being downloaded.

A successful app must be creative, practical and helpful. It is important to stay ahead of evolving UX standards and app performance trends in order to fulfill consumers’ demands better than competitors.

2. Prioritize “Mobile First” App Development

Just because an app functions on a desktop does not mean it has a mobile-friendly design. This is why app developers should take a “mobile-first” approach.

This involves using short format screens that users can scroll through. Developers also should optimize mobile UX to improve engagement.

Users will delete an inconvenient or poorly designed app after their first use. A mobile-first structure will make downloaders more inclined to keep the app and use it regularly.  

3. Improve Collaboration Functions

Many apps, such as those that help in the office, must allow users to collaborate with one another. For example, workers may need to share documents or communicate about the real-time content of a particular app. These functions make an application more versatile, which increases its value. Because collaboration features are constantly evolving, companies should consult a well-established app developer who understands the latest design techniques.

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