Avatar New York Discusses 5 Ways to Reduce Your Website's Bounce Rate

New York, NY— Website design agency Avatar New York helps companies build a profitable online presence with web development, cloud hosting and app creation. According to Avatar's web design New York team, there are several metrics that determine the success of a website, from unique visitor rates to the load speed. However, the bounce rate is one of the most important – and most often overlooked – performance statistics.

As Todd Johnson, managing director of Avatar New York, explained, "A 'bounce' refers to a single-page visit. If someone lands on a webpage, reads the information and exits your website, then it counts as a bounce."

A bounce is not necessarily bad. It is entirely possible that users can find the information they need on a single page. In fact, the Internet's top websites have bounce rates of 80 percent or more.

However, fewer bounces equal more page views, which can translate into higher revenue, deeper engagement and a stronger connection with readers. If you have an unusually high bounce rate, it may indicate a poor user experience.

Johnson offered five ways to improve your website's usability and decrease its bounce rate:

1. Update Old Content

Users want relevant information, so your content should be up to date. If an old post brings in most of your traffic, then you should modify it to be appropriate for your current audience. For example, having posts from 2011 that tell people how to optimize their LinkedIn page will not be very helpful today.

2. Remove Keywords with "Double Meaning"

It is crucial that your keywords are specific and target your unique audience. Keywords with double meanings attract the wrong people and can skyrocket your bounce rate. For example, a site that targets the query "labs for sale" could sell either laboratory space or Labrador puppies.

3. Translate Your Site

If you are targeting a global market, then you must ensure that foreigners are able to read your site. If your content is only available in English, then non-native speakers will be more likely to exit quickly. Some plugins, such as WPML, will translate your website into several languages for international visitors.

4. Display Your Search Feature

Visitors can use your website's search function to find information. If this feature is not clearly visible, then visitors may be confused and leave. However, if you make this feature more prominent, then users will have no difficulty searching your site for the information they require.

5. Increase Your 404 Page's Usefulness

Google makes it clear that a 404-error page should help people find the information they are after. This is why modern webmasters use a 404 widget that includes a search box. This will decrease the likelihood that visitors will give up on your site due to broken links.

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