Avatar New York Discusses 3 iOS App Development Trends in 2015

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The Apple App Store currently offers more than 1.4 million apps. Companies in almost every industry are using apps to engage visitors and make their products and services more accessible. Businesses that are eager to stay ahead of the competition should understand the trends that are set to take over the iOS apps market in 2015.

Todd Johnson, managing director of Avatar New York, a leading New York web design company, reminds business owners that competition has never been higher in the app development world. There are three particular trends that will influence which apps will go viral and which will flop in 2015:

  1. Smart Objects and Wearable Devices

    In 2015, Apple Watch is entering the market. This means that savvy app developers must design their programs to be engaging and accessible not only on tablets and smartphones but also on wearable accessories.

    The particulars of the Apple Watch, specifically in regard to its functionality, remain unknown. However, it is clear that many apps will operate in coordination with the user’s iPhone or other Apple device. This means developers do not need to create standalone apps; they can simply extend or update their apps to adapt to wearable devices.

  2. Security

    App developers should prioritize security this year as predictions estimate that at least 75 percent of existing apps will fail basic security tests. Security threats are a reality and developers need to factor this into their designs.

    Consumer safety is of primary importance, especially on apps that require users to input sensitive data, and mobile misconfigurations can threaten their security. Successful app developers will guarantee users higher risk assurance by proactively enhancing the security of iOS apps. Business owners would be wise to ensure their apps are secure from the latest cyber threats.

  3. Using iBeacon Technology for Business Apps

    iBeacon technology is changing the advertising and retail industries by merging online and offline access to apps. Apple has integrated iBeacon technology in iOS, and it extends location services across devices.

    iBeacon allows smartphones to identify the particular context or location of the user. This means if they are in a store, they can receive updates on products within the store, as well as other useful information. When combined with Bluetooth low energy (BLE), this technology allows retailers and app developers to target consumers on a more personal level.

    Geofencing, a feature that defines geographic boundaries using radio frequencies or GPS, has become an important factor for apps that use iBeacon technology. iBeacons are popping up in public arenas, such as shopping malls, sports centers, airports and museums.

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