8 Features to Add to E-commerce Sites to Boost Revenue

Brick and mortar retail stores have salespeople, promotional signage, and other hands-on ways to increase customer spending. But, what about for e-commerce? When shopping is taking place online and the customer is left to their own devices, how can businesses increase customer spending?

  1. Suggested products features Including a pop up during shopping or at checkout that suggests items related to those chosen or highlights a special promotion will boost units per transaction. Something as small as suggesting batteries with battery operated toys or gloves to compliment a scarf can mean big bucks to your business.

  2. Recovery emails Email recovery campaigns recapture those customers who showed initial interest in the brand but abandoned the site. Increase conversions with a short reminder email about items the customer showed interest in, abandoned carts, and wish lists that have not been purchased.

  3. Social media platform linking A large amount of consumer spending is done through social media platforms. Place top sellers, promotional items, and other products on social media platforms to increase sales. Link product marketing on social media back to your website to create brand awareness, introduce new consumers to your products, and drive traffic back to your website.

  4. Continuous shopping capabilities from checkout page It’s frustrating to customers when they go back to add more items but have to back all the way out of the checkout process to do so. Include a “continue shopping” button on checkout pages and ensure customers can return to checkout without needing to redo what they’ve already done. Doing so will decrease abandoned carts.

  5. Cart saving features If consumers want to shop around or don’t have time to finish shopping, they want their cart saved for when they can return. Not enabling cart saving features causes site abandonment and cripples repeat traffic. Be sure that consumers can save their carts and information for a later time when they can complete the transaction without having to start over.

  6. Testimonials The increased sense of trust gained by customer testimonials included on e-commerce sites results in higher conversion rates.

  7. Easy checkout features Simple forms, multiple payment options, and security badges provide a better user experience, as well as trust factors. Including these features will decrease bounce rates and increase the likelihood of the customer spending money.

  8. Keyword search and descriptions with keywords Customers don’t always know the name of the item they are looking for. Making searches too broad or too specific will result in consumer frustration and a lack of product visibility to the consumer. Include a search bar that helps shoppers find products based on keywords and include keywords in product descriptions. This will boost conversion and units per sale by helping customers find the exact items they are looking for. It will also provide an SEO boost.

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