8 Conversion Driving Best Practices to Include in E-Commerce Website Design

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For most businesses, the most important key performance indicator to focus on is conversion. Building a business' client base is essential for growth and sustainability. Below we share eight conversion driving features to include in e-commerce website design.

  1. Proper Product presentation and descriptions. Quality pictures, uncluttered layouts, and clear product descriptions and reviews, ensure that consumers are easily able to find what they're looking for and that the product well highlighted. Clear descriptions help consumers to find product whether on the site itself or locating it through search engines that lead the consumer to the site, driving up conversion rates.

  2. Conversion driving shopping cart features. Shoppers will continue to comparison shop after placing items in a cart. If they return to a site and the cart full of product is not saved, most often, users will leave the site and not return. Ensure that carts are designed with persistent cookies to save purchase choices. It's also a good practice to have shopping cart items displayed for the shopper as they continue to use the site to keep product top-of-mind to drive conversion.

  3. Easy to use forms. Complicated forms that are difficult to navigate is a leading cause for site abandonment and lost conversion. Keep forms simple and to the point, focusing on gathering essential information only. Ensure forms are laid out with an intuitive flow to ensure site retention.

  4. Incorporation of social media. Quick links to social platforms help reach a wider audience and establish social proof. Link to sites where businesses can sell product, such as Facebook, to further drive conversion. Allowing consumers to go from social media to the website easily and vice-versa adds a lot of purchasing potential to a wider audience and helps to establish social proof.

  5. Clear call to action buttons. Ensure call to action buttons are prominently displayed with clear direction. Important steps such as “Add to cart,” “Checkout,” or a conversion driving “Promotions” button, will help to ensure an intuitive process for visitors and will prompt responses to drive higher conversion rates.

  6. Add information gathering features that drive return traffic. Businesses can impact conversion by utilizing features such as e-mail capture, consumer feedback, and wish lists, to re-target return visitors with call-to-action-marketing, driving higher conversion numbers. These features should be added to sites in the initial design phase.

  7. Establish trust with trust badges. Consumers are far more likely to purchase from sites that present trust badges on checkout pages. Consumers need to feel secure handing over their credit card information in a world where we hear so much about online fraud.

  8. Optimized responsive design. Sites that are optimized with mobile responsiveness, quick loading times and smooth page transitions drive much higher conversion rates. Pay attention to file sizes, mobile responsiveness, picture formats and other elements that will impact site speed and mobile use, to ensure a quality consumer experience to drive conversion.

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