5 Ways to Increase User Retention on Your Website

happy website visitors

With today's worldwide customer accessibility to businesses of all sizes, web designers are entrusted with the task of creating sites that make businesses stand apart from the vast sea of competition. Websites must be created to both draw in new clientele as well as to impact user retention. Revolving door websites lack the ability to grow at a healthy rate because flaws in usability cause visitors to leave and not come back. Avatar New York discloses five ways to increase user retention on your site.

  1. Make user-centric decisions in the design process. Design for the user from the beginning. In the initial design phase, consider intuitive flow in elements such as navigation patterns, recognizable CTAs, easy to read formats, and easy to fill forms. Seek feedback from users throughout the design process and never forget the power of analytics and their impact on creating a user-friendly design. Learn as much as possible about the target user to identify the most important factors for those users. Monitor usability by employing analytic tools to see how users interact with the website so that issues can be fixed early.

  2. Ensure a consistent experience across mobile and desktop devices. Today's users will be loyal to companies who can provide a consistent experience regardless of device. With mobile use taking center stage with the modern user, it's essential that the site is as easy to read and navigate on a mobile device as it is on a desktop. Consider scalable responsive design, easy to use navigation, and proper spacing of elements for fingertip navigation.

  3. Design pronounced CTAs. Call to action buttons should be clearly defined and the eye should naturally locate them on a web page. CTAs should be prominently displayed in a consistent location, especially on pages that lead to purchases or lead generation.

  4. Include interactive content. Pictures, videos, and graphics, as well as interactive activities, such as quizzes, increase user engagement, drive traffic, and influence user retention. Include visual elements in the design process that attract attention without overshadowing the website's purpose.

  5. Design for easy customer conversion. Elements that impact easy conversion are vital, especially with e-commerce or lead generation sites. Forms should have intuitive flow and should be limited to the most important information. Make sure check-out processes are smooth for e-commerce sites by including features such as cart saving and easy-click buttons with pre-populated information such as addresses.

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