5 Typography Trends for Modern Web Design

Web designers are more focused on typography today than they have ever been before. That’s because we now understand the role that typography plays in web design and the user’s experience. Website visitors want to understand the purpose of a brand, their site, and how to navigate it quickly and easily. Making important text the hero of the page with a focus on typography is a great way to convey meaning, the desired brand image, and communicate the primary purpose of the website in a way that stands out to the reader for site usage and memorability. The following trends in modern web typography can help businesses do just that.

  1. Custom typography. Watercolor, hand-drawn, image-in-text, and other custom fonts take center stage in 2017. Custom typography is a great way to tie fonts into the rest of the design elements of a website and a brand’s unique look.

  2. Bold, large typography. Vital text is given a spotlight in modern web design. Bold, large fonts become the hero image to convey the most essential purposes of the website and brand clearly and easily. Many designers are now opting to do more with less by highlighting the most important information front and center with large typography, using bold contrasting color or patterns in text, and surrounding typography with ample white space or faded images so that typography stands out.

  3. Mix and match fonts. A great way to make individual lines of text pop is by placing multiple fonts on a web page. Select fonts that convey a specific theme and mix them with standard typography to make the message of each line stand out, creating an interesting and captivating visual effect.

  4. Modern vintage. It sounds like an oxymoron, but many modern looks embrace vintage style. Retro grunge, barbershop, and other vintage fonts are very on-trend. They speak to the core demographic that is most active online and prone to spend online.

  5. Non-traditional layouts of typography. Many modern websites are embracing a different way to present text with non-traditional layouts such as vertical typography, zig-zag, or angled typography. This look stands out to the viewer and can also be used to lead the eye elsewhere on the web page.

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