5 Reasons to Employ Card-Based Web Design

Card-based web design serves a multitude of purposes. Cards help to create organized and easy-to-consume content, improve the user’s experience on mobile devices, and they are easy to update. Below we share five reasons to employ card-based web-design.

  1. Cards assists with content organization. Not only do cards appear in an organized timeline for users, but they assist with the organization of a site’s design as well. Cards help to compartmentalize and organize content, including images, text, CTAs, headlines, and more based on relevancy for individual segments of a website.

  2. Cards improve mobile device experiences. Most online interaction today is conducted on mobile devices. Cards, like content containers, scale up and down easily to accommodate the various screen sizes of mobile devices, making them easy for users to utilize. Additionally, cards make it easy for users to interact with finger navigation, a vital feature of modern websites.

  3. Cards improve site aesthetics and lead the user’s eye. Visual content resonates better with users. Visuals are easier to remember and convey meaning quicker and in an easier to understand way than text alone. Cards leverage the power of visuals by presenting broken down and “framed” content for easy visual perusal. Card-based design helps to visually establish a hierarchy for content and lead the user’s eye through priority information along horizontal or vertical lines, creating a visually organized space that provides a clean and impactful site with a clear user-flow.

  4. Cards make information easy to consume and share. Breaking down information into card format makes content easier to consume and easier to share. Shareability is vital for brand growth today, and with individual cards, information can spread across social media platforms in targeted and consumable segments.

  5. Cards help to improve metrics. Each individual card has its own purpose, which means that users who click in are more qualified for that card’s specific function. By filtering in specific users for their respective needs, cards help to deliver users to relevant landing points for their desired end-goals, impacting better site retention and user conversion.

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