5 JavaScript Library and Wireframe Trends for 2017

JavaScript has long been hailed among the best programming languages to use. JavaScript creates dynamic interfaces, creates high functioning web apps quickly, allows for real-time page modification, and simplifies code structuring. JavaScript is also constantly evolving to provide better solutions for web development and design.

  1. Angular2 Angular2 is a build everything tool for desktop and mobile applications. Angular2 will continue to be a top choice for enterprises with features such as component-based architecture, inter-component communications, and an improved dependency injection. The framework is built with TypeScript, adding flexibility and high-end aesthetics. Angular2 is expected to see continued popularity thanks to factors such as the inclusion of modular theory and its de-coupling from DOM. Angular and Angular2 are both known for maintaining high standards when it comes to code readability.

  2. ReactJS The ReactJS front-end JavaScript framework originated on the Facebook platform. Its success led to ready-made tool integration in Instagram and then rolled out worldwide. ReactJS will continue its upward momentum in 2017 with features such as small, self-contained components and quick prototyping capabilities. Easily made updates across entire sites or platforms, in addition to a simple way to isolate then fix problems, is a result of the component over pages’ approach. ReactJS provides a performance boost due to the usage of virtual DOM, and the fact that is was created to handle high-traffic levels.

  3. Vue.js Vue.js is a bit of a jack of all trades. Vue.js is a perfect choice for swift development of websites and apps and cross-platform solutions. The progressive framework is highly adaptable and integrates with other libraries and projects easily. Vue.js provides two-way data binding, server-side rendering, and an easier approach to web UI development when dealing with aspects such as component use, hot-reloading, declarative UI, and more.

  4. D3.js For sites that are focused on data visualization, D3.js is a winning choice. This library works with SVG and canvas to create dynamic web visualizations. Additionally, D3.js allows a high-level of control over final visual results. Visuals are of increasing importance in web design. The use of charts, graphs, and infographics assist business sites to improve traffic, retention, and conversion, making D3.js a good partner for enterprise websites.

  5. Decorators Decorators is a language enhancement tool that is expected to be implemented in many popular frameworks going forward. Decorators reduces the amount of code needed and allows for annotations, class, and property modifications during design.

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