5 iPad Friendly Tools for Web Designers On-The-Go

It's a busy world, and the work week does not always go as planned. When it's crunch time, and web developers need to work remotely, life becomes a lot easier with quality development tools that will work with mobile devices. Avatar New York shares five iPad friendly tools for web designers on the go.

  1. Kodiak JavaScript. Kodiak JavaScript is an integrated development environment with over fifty JavaScript libraries and frameworks. HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript can all be utilized offline with a WebKit-based internal browser. Kodiak JavaScript also proves to be a tremendous time-saver, with features such as swipe buttons and navigation keys.

  2. Adobe Comp CC. Mockups and frameworks can be created quickly with Adobe Comp CC and then can be exported to Creative Cloud for further development on Illustrator, Photoshop CC or InDesign. This super-efficient mock-up tools gives designers to power to design layouts from anywhere, utilize intuitive drawing gestures, collaborate with a team, access Creative Cloud Libraries, work with Adobe stock assets and much more.

  3. Textastic Code Editor for iPad. The TextMate-compatible Textastic Code Editor makes text editing, coding, and markup language editing easy to do on iPads, with over eighty programming and markup languages available. A WebDAV server allows textastic to communicate with servers such as FTP, SFTP, Dropbox, and WebDAV. Textastic also handles code completion for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP functions during the editing process.

  4. iFontMaker. ifontMaker's touch interface makes it easy for designers to create unique designs with original hand typefaces. Typography can then be either emailed or converted into a TTF file. This creative tool's features include Unicode, font generation via, bezier tools which also allow designers to draw vector shapes with the pen tool, and of course, free-hand editing.

  5. Trello Keeping things organized, especially when working on the run, can be a major challenge for designers. Trello is a great organization and collaboration tool, with functionality that helps designers to work and communicate collaboratively with a team, manage assets such as mockups and wireframes, and make custom boards to oversee overall project management. Trello has also included “power-ups” through third party integration tools such as GitHub, Salesforce and more.

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