4 Wireframe Tips to Improve Site Performance

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Wireframing is generally the first step in the website design process, as it provides basic illustrations of the structure and components of the interface. Most businesses tend to digitally create their wireframes, with the complexity depending on the size of the company. Regardless, each wireframe should include enough information to reflect what needs to appear on each page of your website. Avatar Web Design New York discusses four wireframe tips to improve site performance.

Set a Clear Objective: As a developer, it can be tempting to jump right in and start your work. However, most projects are rarely simple, and challenges are almost guaranteed to arise if you go down this route. Make sure you put all of your planning down on paper before starting, as doing so may raise questions, ideas, and lead to changes. The final product will be a blueprint from which everyone involved will work and make sure all parties are in sync. Be sure to set a deadline for completing the wireframe, as it will keep the project moving at a steady pace. It is also recommended that a business conducts follow up meetings to review progress on the activities.

Keep it Simple: Over-designing wireframes is a common mistake for web developers. It is important to remember that you are trying to communicate in a simplified, clear and efficient way, and failing to do so may distract or confuse the audience. Make the best use of your time by addressing the following three questions: a) Does it make sense in the context of user scenarios of this product? b) Does it clearly communicate its sense and value? And c) Will your teammates understand it? Do not focus on the fashion, rather ramp up your efforts to make it concise and reasonable.

Eliminate all Distractors: Communication between business and customer can be achieved through the removal of distractors during the wireframe process. Distractors can include inappropriate color use, ugly images or icons, strange font selections, or any signs and codes that only you can comprehend. Sticking with the essentials and a basic layout allows readers to understand your design concept.

Be Open at Feedback: After putting all of their efforts into a wireframe project, the last thing developers want is criticism of their work. However, it is beneficial to accept input from others as it could allow for an improved final product. Before presenting your work, do not hesitate to admit uncertainty rather than opting with an unstable idea. Invite suggestions from the audience and build a collaborative atmosphere. Do not forget, however, to prepare alternative plans that show your consideration of other ideas. It is generally better to show incomplete work highlighting points of uncertainty instead of finished tasks with questionable design choices.

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