4 Ways Your E-Commerce Business Can Benefit From Magento 2

ecommerce website design in magento

There are many content management systems, but they are not all built with the same strengths. Certain CMSs are more equipped to handle the complex needs of e-commerce businesses, and Magento 2 is a perfect fit with many features specially made to accommodate digital commerce and improve the shopping experience for users.

  1. Performance improvements enable fast loading for page-heavy sites.  E-commerce sites are virtual catalogs and as such, require a lot of pages which can slow downloading speed. Previous opportunities in Magento 1 regarding performance issues have been addressed, and the CMS now features built-in full-page caching and runs an average of 20% faster than the previous version.  Slow loading and other performance issues are among the greatest causes of site and cart abandonment. The performance improvements of Magento 2 will drive up retention, conversion, and repeat business.

  2. An admin interface that’s designed for product updates. Magento 2 was specifically built to make managing an e-commerce site more efficient. The Magento CMS is highly flexible and easy to learn, making it user-friendly for the entire staff. The system enables quick product importing and a step-by-step product creation tool as well as drag and drop layout editing to update the e-commerce store’s appearance, which is a common need to boost seasonal business.

  3. Improved UX that encourages engagement. Integrated video encourages engagement on site as well as on social media platforms and e-commerce platforms. Videos enable better showcasing of products to consumers and encourage the sharing of those product videos to reach a wide digital audience. Magento 2 is also equipped with one-click account creation for saving customer profiles, making it easy for customers to sign up. This will help to boost sales during repeat user visits through customized and user-interest relevant interactions, but will also enable businesses to re-engage previous users to pull in repeat traffic.

  4. User-friendly commerce interactions. Magento 2 is highly focused on what is important to e-commerce shoppers, such as secure payments, mobile responsiveness, and an easy checkout process. Magento comes with out-of-the-box secure payment integration with trusted gateways such as PayPal and Braintree, and improved trust factors lead to higher conversions. The system was also created with mobile responsiveness in mind. Magento 2 is fully responsive to accommodate mobile device usage and responsive design rendering for SEO friendly themes and intuitive and smooth customer transactions on any device, including checkout. Checkout processes are also made to be seamless with Magento 2. The system’s checkout process requires few steps and is limited to gathering pertinent customer information only to get consumers from cart to payments quicker. At checkout, customers are met with a default guest checkout screen where an email address gets input. If the customer is already signed up, they will receive an option to checkout quickly with their saved information. Smoother checkout processes boost conversion as well as repeat business.

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