4 UI Tools for More Efficient Web Development

There are many tools that can help design with better UI in mind, such as prototyping tools, testing tools, wireframe tools, and more. Avatar New York discusses four such tools for more efficient web development.

  1. The prototyping tool contains a vast library of UI components. is a drag and drop interface, eliminating the need for coding. The tool's ability for real-time collaborating and easy implementation of UI controls such as drop-down lists, buttons, search fields, sliders, icons, progress bars, notifications, accordion files and more, make this tool a must-look-into for ease of user interface design.

  2. Illustrator. Illustrator is an excellent tool for the complete design workflow of a project. Illustrator works with vector graphics for scalable, resolution-independent visuals. Illustrator allows designers to integrate animation, video, photo-realistic artwork, and even leverage cloud-based libraries for both desktops and mobile interfaces. Illustrator is known for pixel precision working seamlessly with Photoshop. Illustrator is also great for charts, maps, and infographics.

  3. POP. POP transforms hand-drawn sketches and mockups into interactive prototypes. POP works with DropBox for team collaboration and works on a variety of platforms. POP is a must-have tool for compelling and unique visuals. POP also helps designers with import tools, links, and transitions, all of which have a substantial impact on the user interface. POP helps to implement these features with less room for error, allowing designers to focus on digital aesthetics.

  4. Mockplus. Mockplus is a rapid prototyping tool, great for developers with multiple projects to execute and timeframes in which to adhere. While Mockplus is a desktop based application, it can create prototypes for mobile quickly and easily. Mockplus' clean interface improves efficiency through a design over function focus. Mockplus also contains pre-designed interactive components such as pop-up menus and image carousels, making designing easier and quicker while also delivering high-quality interfaces.

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