4 Tips for Scroll-Triggered Animations on Your Website

Scroll-triggered animations are being used more and more as businesses see their contribution to the user’s experience. From minimizing the pains of wait times during loading to increasing content viewing on a website, scroll-triggered animations can help businesses to meet objectives. Avatar New York Web Design shares four tips for scroll-triggered animations on your website.

  1. Create smooth transitions for a better UX Scroll-triggered animations entertain users, provide perceived value, and create smooth transitions between content on the website, delivering a satisfying user experience. This, in turn, promotes social recommendations and sharing, user engagement on the site, more time spent on the site, and increased content delivery. The residual impact of these benefits is improved metric performance and better SEO results for increased traffic and customer acquisition. Create a seamless flow, distract users from content loading, and entertain users with smooth transitions through scroll-triggered animations.

  2. Define website areas on long-scrolling mobile responsive sites Today’s user relies heavily on mobile devices for their online needs, making mobile-responsive sites a necessity. However, many mobile sites are created with a long-scrolling design which can sometimes result in a lack of defined areas for certain website content. Scroll-triggered animations can create defined areas for different sections of the website while still employing long-scroll design for easy mobile use. Scroll-triggered animations can guide users through long-scroll sites by breaking down content into scrollable sections. Animations can be used to introduce and differentiate content on long-scroll sites while creating a consistent flow throughout the site as a whole.

  3. Be subtle, not obtrusive Excessive, non-brand and obtrusive scroll-triggered animations can annoy the user and detract from important content and messages; it’s important to find the balance between nothing and over-the-top. Employing subtle scroll-triggered animations provides aesthetic appeal, user entertainment, and ease of navigation to users for an improved UX. Ensure animations are relevant to the brand and are implemented strategically and not overdone.

  4. Improve the viewing of secondary content Scroll-triggered animations can be used as a user discovery vehicle to expand secondary content for additional user-value while maintaining a clean and uncluttered interface. Utilize consistent animation design and functionality throughout the website, so that use of scroll-triggered animations is intuitive. By using scrolling animations to uncover more in-depth content, a clear hierarchy is established while also helping to highlight and create perceived value for secondary content.

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