4 Primary Benefits of Static Site Generators

Static site generators retain key benefits from hand-coded static sites and fully-functioning content management systems and marry them into one effective tool. SSGs utilize CMS concepts, such as template usage to create static HTML-only websites on development machines or staging servers. Static Site Generators can provide improved performance, security, flexibility, and fewer server-side issues.

  1. When you feel the need, the need for speed Static sites get a leg up on performance issues over CMS applications because they contain pre-cached pages and files can be easily minified before deployment. Additionally, static site service is very fast due to the simplification of file returns, source code minifiers, and fully optimizable elements, such as images. Static site generators eliminate database queries, templating, and individual request processing.

  2. SSGs provide exceptional security Static sites are limited in vulnerabilities to hacking due to minimal server-side functionality. With limited access for hackers, aside from fairly minor issues such as page defacement, static sites are a secure choice. Simple processes such as conducting a git status would uncover any of these issues for easy resolution. Non-static sites, such as those in WordPress applications, are vulnerable due to many areas of user-input and multiple code-running processes per request.  Static site generators eliminate many security woes through the creation of simplified and basic HTML pages.

  3. Flexibility in updating Websites need constant monitoring and updating to stay competitive, improve the user-experience, generate results, alter goal focuses, and boost SEO. This need to update makes flexibility highly valuable. Static Site Generators simplify updates with capabilities such as eliminating the hassle of needing plug-ins or short-code to add widget functionality, as commonly found in content management systems.  On static sites, widgets can be added directly to files and updating is made easier without specific-field databases.

  4. Minification of server-side headaches Static site generators consist of a collection of HTML files that are easily scaled and migrated to be run on any server regardless of server-side technologies. Static site generation does not need to be created on the web server where the site will run, but rather can be created anywhere and then pushed to the web when complete, making SSG highly effective for developers on the go. Additionally, HTML pages consume a limited amount of server resources, eliminating the rise of potential issues. There are no plugins, template codes, PHP extensions, web server configurations, or other server-side dependencies to worry about.

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