4 Important Reasons to Add Videos in Web Design

The popularity of videos in web design is on the rise, and for a good reason. The online marketplace has become the source for consumer research, purchasing, and obtaining services, making it a highly competitive environment. Businesses need to set themselves apart from the competition, and videos are an effective way to do just that. They help to give a business personality, connect better with the audience, improve metrics, and can even help to achieve greater SEO success. Avatar New York shares four important reasons to add video in web design.

  1. Videos build consumer trust. Consumers need to feel that a brand is trustworthy to warrant spending money with them. Videos help brands to form a connection with the audience by showing their personality and their authenticity. Videos can be used to introduce the team, explain the usage of a product, educate the audience about their field and business, and much more. Giving the audience insight into the brand starts establishing a relationship with them and building trust that will result in site retention, conversions, and repeat business.

  2. Videos improve sales metrics. Whether a brand is selling goods, a service, or information, videos help to boost conversion metrics. Product demonstrations, meet the team videos, a series of educational installments, and more, help consumers to make purchasing decisions. Visual input is registered more quickly and easily than text and is also more memorable. Videos help to solidify a brand in the audience's brain and lend them greater perceived value in the eyes on the consumer, helping them decide to buy.

  3. Videos boost social proof and shareability. Videos grab attention in a way that text alone cannot. Videos address a modern need: providing information quickly in an easy-to-understand way. Videos also create emotional connections, which is a big part of why they are shared so rapidly across social media platforms over non-visual content. Videos boost social sharing, which greatly increases a brand's marketing reach, helping to draw in new clientele and solidify long-term relationships with existing customers.

  4. Videos improve SEO.  Web crawlers reward companies for their perceived value to the consumer. Videos, and other engagement components, prompt web crawling and help crawlers to boost a brand's search engine rankings. Videos in a site will improve its SEO potential and, with the increase in shareability that videos bring, they will also boost SEO through increased traffic and the web crawlers’ recognition of value added content based on social shares.

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