3 Types of Tools to Help Web Designers Boost Productivity

Time saving, productivity improving tools are invaluable for designers handling the many nuances that go into web design. From obtaining in-process feedback to the creation of wireframes, content, visuals, and so much more, tools that can bring a developer to launch sooner and with a better result are important to keep up with heavy workloads. There are various tools for every function of website creation, but a few in particular are extremely useful for maximizing productivity. Avatar New York highlights three types of tools to help web designers boost productivity.

  1. Multi-tasking wireframe and prototyping tools. The technical tasks involved in the structural creation of websites include creating sitemaps, elements libraries, icons, buttons, navigational elements and more. Fortunately, there are also a lot of tools that can help to implement these tasks through one interface. It's important to find tools whose features will cover the most bases and create as much efficiency as possible. Use multi-purpose tools, such as UXPin, and Pidoco to address multiple tasks rather than utilizing separate tools for each part of the process.

  2. Multi-tasking collaboration and feedback tools. Communication is key when working collaboratively with a team or with clients. The back and forth can be time-consuming and inefficient. There are many tools on the market to help improve the process of obtaining feedback and sharing ideas. A multi-functional collaboration tool enables users to handle tasks such as sharing design annotations, organizing the project by category, and filing design elements such as fonts. These tools can also provide a forum for chats and other communications with the team, such as group brainstorming or one-on-one communications. Consider tools such as Concept inbox, Notism, Conceptboard, and more, to see what multi-tasking tools best fit your specific needs.

  3. Multi-tasking graphic editing tools. Visuals are a major focus in modern web design, from animations and motion animations to high-quality photos and original illustrations. Visuals are now considered to be driving forces for a successful website. Utilize multitasking visual tools that enable photo manipulation, the creation of art for user interface components, and the creation of unique and attention grabbing visuals such as complex illustrations. GIMP and Adobe Illustrator CC are both highly effective tools that will help designers achieve stunning visual results while improving productivity through a single interface for visual needs.

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