3 Tips for Parallax Website Design

More and more website owners are looking for creative ways to attract and increase user interest and engagement. Parallax website design responds to this need with multi-dimensional and interactive animations that turn a website into a vehicle for storytelling. However, to be effective, parallax design must be approached strategically. Below we offer three tips for successful parallax website design.

  1. Optimize for mobile device usage. Parallax designs often do not play well with mobile devices. Parallax was created for a scrolling experience on a desktop or laptop computers. Using CSS3 transforms can emulate the effect of parallax design on mobile devices. Alternatively, separate non-parallax designs for mobile devices can make for a better overall experience.

  2. Consider older browsers. Parallax scrolling websites will likely utilize HTML5, which is not supported by older browsers. If the design needs to support older browsers, it might be better to forego using parallax or create a separate design targeted at browsers that do not support HTML5.

  3. Keep it simple. Keep text and non-essential elements to a minimum. Use large graphics, bold lines of text and arresting imagery. Use negative space to lead the user's eye where you want it to go. Parallax is a highly effective storytelling tool, but only if used in that capacity.

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