3 Essential Tips for Implementing CTAs in Web Design

Call-to-actions (CTAs) are used in sales to prompt a response or encourage action. On a web page, CTAs are generally appear as clickable buttons or badges, with a brief message, such as “Click Here.” CTAs can have a huge impact on a visitor’s actions on a web page, either turning them away or encouraging exploration. Avatar New York shares three essential tips for implementing CTA's in web design.

  1. It's all about the location. Ensure that CTAs are placed where visitors can easily see or where they exist logically according to a visitor’s potential journey through the website. As a general rule, CTAs should be placed on pages “above the fold”, unless a location further down a web page is dictated by the logic of the content flow.

  2. Make it bold and beautiful. To draw attention and prompt click-throughs, CTA design should be bold and aesthetically pleasing. Wherever possible, create buttons with contrasting colors and plenty of white space. Doing so, will keep CTAs visible and clickable on desktops as well as mobile devices.

  3. Promote prompt action. Language is important when designing CTA's. Use directive verbs that are appropriate within the context of a web page’s overall tone. For example, either “Order” or “Order Now” are an appropriate CTA, depending on the website where they appear. In every case, CTAs should should align with the urgency and result of the action called for.

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