5 Reasons to Upgrade from HTTP/1.1 to HTTP/2

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The HTTP/2 upgrade is a long time coming. It modifies how data is communicated between the user and the server, providing quicker loading time, better responsiveness, and better security than its HTTP/1.1 counterpart. Below we share five reasons to upgrade from HTTP/1.1 to HTTP/2.

  1. HTTP/2 Multiplexing. Multiplexing reduces

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Ansa Assuncao Launches New Legal Website

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Ansa Assuncao LLP is a boutique, business litigation law firm that serves as national trial counsel for a number of global organizations.

Ansa wanted a new website to better showcase their business litigation law firm, national presence, and team of seasoned trial lawyers.

We worked with Ansa to produce a... keep reading about Ansa Assuncao Launches New Legal Website

6 CSS Tips that Web Developers Should be Using

Cascading style sheets, or CSS, simplify processes for web developers to aid in quicker code writing, easier maintainability, ease in debugging, and clean, easy to read code. Below we share six CSS tips that web developers should be using.

  1. Utilize a master style sheet. To avoid inconsistencies in

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8 Conversion Driving Best Practices to Include in E-Commerce Website Design

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For most businesses, the most important key performance indicator to focus on is conversion. Building a business' client base is essential for growth and sustainability. Below we share eight conversion driving features to include in e-commerce website design.

  1. Proper Product presentation and descriptions. Quality pictures,

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4 Different Image Formats and When to Use Them

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The various image formats and how and when to use them can be a source of aggravation for many people. Different image types require different format options when uploaded to websites, or any digital device. Avatar New York discusses four different image formats and when to use them.

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5 Ways to Increase User Retention on Your Website

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With today's worldwide customer accessibility to businesses of all sizes, web designers are entrusted with the task of creating sites that make businesses stand apart from the vast sea of competition. Websites must be created to both draw in new clientele as well as to impact user... keep reading about 5 Ways to Increase User Retention on Your Website

The Importance of CX in Web Design

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The internet has forever changed the way businesses interact with their audience. Whether an e-commerce, a service provider, or an information source, websites are the primary go-to-sources for consumers and information seekers. The internet has been leveling the playing field, providing worldwide access despite the size of the business. The... keep reading about The Importance of CX in Web Design Wins Silver W3 Award

w3 award logo, a global provider of touristic bus services, won a "Silver" in the Transportation category at the 2016 W3 Awards - one of the competition's highest honors.

Avatar New York worked with Extrapolitan to build a website and ticketing system connected... keep reading about Wins Silver W3 Award

5 Signs that You Need a New Web Host

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Poor website performance has a detrimental impact on a brand's reputation, and its ability to convert consumers effectively. While a modern website will help to drive conversions and keep visitors coming back to a website, the quality of the web host, in terms of uptime, performance and security, will also... keep reading about 5 Signs that You Need a New Web Host

3 Tips for Parallax Website Design

More and more website owners are looking for creative ways to attract and increase user interest and engagement. Parallax website design responds to this need with multi-dimensional and interactive animations that turn a website into a vehicle for storytelling. However, to be effective, parallax design must be... keep reading about 3 Tips for Parallax Website Design

4 Web Development Fundamentals

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A well designed website is often seen as having intangibles that are difficult to define. Some websites just look and work great. But all well designed website share fundamental qualities that were expliciting included during its development. Below we share four fundamentals of great web development.

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5 Website Tips for Service Based Companies

Today's consumer has innumerable choices when it comes to online shopping, services, and information. For service based companies, this means that attention to detail and providing an exceptional online experience is vital to convert and retain clientele.

Below we offer... keep reading about 5 Website Tips for Service Based Companies

Crown of Light Launches New Jewelry Brand in the US

Crown of Light wanted to build an online presence to launch their jewelry brand in the United States. The brand was originally sold only in cruise ship ports of call, such as Barbados and St. Kitts. From branding to development, we worked with Crown of Light and their team to ensure... keep reading about Crown of Light Launches New Jewelry Brand in the US

Advantages of Submitting XML Sitemaps to Search Engines

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An XML sitemap lists URLs and metadata about URLs to inform search engines about website pages to be crawled and indexed for search. Keeping search engines updated by regularly submitting XML sitemaps for indexing will ensure visitors who locate your website via search, find the most up to date... keep reading about Advantages of Submitting XML Sitemaps to Search Engines

3 Ways to Use Element Queries

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Element queries work similarly to media queries, but take the concept to the next level. Where media queries approached responsive design based on the height and width of the browsers viewpoint, element queries allow designers to create styles as they apply to elements based on their properties. Element queries are... keep reading about 3 Ways to Use Element Queries