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Investing in Women and Girls

Rockflower, a non-profit philantrophy fund, wanted to update their online brand identity to better showcase their inspirational organization and unique position within their industry.

We worked with Rockflower for several weeks, turning their online brand and the way they talked about themselves upside down...or shall we say, rightside up.


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non profit website design


non profit website design

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non profit website design


non profit website design

about our client

Rockflower is an intermediary venture philanthropy fund providing collaborative investment opportunities for those wishing to see radical and direct improvements in the lives of women and girls.

Rockflower designs investment opportunities to engage individuals and institutions in the precise application of capital tailored to either one or all of Rockflower's Five Key Program Areas of Peace and Security, Access to Water and Food, Maternal and Reproductive Health, Education and Financial Independence.

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