Kids Fitness App Design

The New Face of Fitness

We were tasked with rebuild a kid's fitness app to reach a larger audience and increase engagement in fitness programs.

We built the original website design in 2012, and were happy to redesign and moderize the app. The new app design includes a new marketing platform, a responsive solution, social features, and awards and trophies.


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Fight2BFit is the brainchild of Sue Wicks and Corinne Nevinny. Sue is a legend in Women's Basketball, whose professional career spanned 15 years in various leagues overseas as well as the WNBA. She has been decorated with numerous awards, including National Player of the Year, Sportsmanship Awards and WNBA All Star honors. She is currently a sports ambassador for the US State Department.

Corinne Nevinny was a member of the National Championship Stanford Women's tennis team. She is a Harvard business school graduate who enjoyed a successful career as a business executive in an S&P 500 company and is currently General Partner of LMNVC LLC, an angel venture capital fund.


branding / identity, web design & development, mobile web & apps