You’re Getting Warmer!

How do you increase sales when you are already the leader in coolers and have hundreds of products to choose from? You help your customers choose and find the right cooler to fit their needs. Igloo Products Corporation, the most recognized name in ice chests, electric coolers, and beverage dispensers for personal and industrial use, has selected Avatar New York along with design partner, Avatar Technology (Austin, Texas) to redesign Igloo’s corporate website: Since 2002, there have been no major site enhancements to Igloo’s website. With a new business strategy in mind, the site gets a complete design over-haul and a new Content Management Solution. Using its award-winning CMS, Avatar Vantage, Avatar New York will improve and enhance navigation, quicken product load time and include new selector/locator functionality that combines Sales and Marketing initiatives.

“Igloo’s prior website was badly outdated and absolutely needed a change,” says Patrick Tully, Chief Technology Officer at Avatar New York. “Not just from a design point-of-view, but technology too. Igloo approached us with a need. They wanted to have the ability to seamlessly manage all products online, consumer and commercial, while integrating Sales and Marketing Departments. Now has cutting edge functionality that includes enhanced product comparisons and a product/store locator. Whether you need a cooler for yourself or for 8 people, you will be guided through the selection process quickly and effortlessly.”

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