What Is HTTP/3 And Why It’s Coming Soon To a Website Near You


HTTP, one of the foundation applications that powers the Web, is getting an upgrade. HTTP handles information requests and transfers between web browsers (that’s you) and web servers (where the website you want to browse or shop on lives).

But what does this mean for businesses and consumers using the Internet?

HTTP/3 Upgrade

The newest version of HTTP, HTTP/3, is built on a technology called QUIC (pronounced "quick"). And it lives up to its name. Adopting HTTP/3 enables faster, more reliable, and more secure connections to web endpoints like websites and APIs.

HTTP/3 Availability

While HTTP/3 has already launched, it's not yet widely adopted. However, usage should start to increase as HTTP/3 support expands. And you can speed up the process by keeping your web browser up-to-date and by ensuring your website is using HTTP/3.

HTTP/3 Support

Cloudflare, an Internet security and network services company, recently announced they are rolling out HTTP/3 support. Website owners who use Cloudflare can opt to enable HTTP/3 to provide faster, more secure data transfers to visitors using an HTTP/3 enabled browser.

If you want your website to utilize HTTP/3, we can help thanks to our partnership with Cloudflare.

In terms of web browsers, Google, Firefox, Safari and Edge have all announced support for HTTP/3, but not yet natively. For now, you have to enable it. Eventually, all browsers will support the protocol natively. So make sure you are using the latest version of your favorite web browser, as older versions won’t support it.

If you want to try to enable HTTP/3 in your browser, searching for "enable http/3" plus the browser name will result in several articles describing how.

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