We Added Chat to Our Website

chat image

Hello World! We recently add a chat solution to our website to better serve and engage our clients as well as provide an easy way for anyone to contact us to discuss all things web.

After doing some research we selected Their chat client is simple as well as easy to use and install, as is the case with most, modern chat solutions. A couple deciding factors that tipped the balance purechat-ly in their favor was a slick admin dashboard and the fact they responded to our sign up form submission, while, strangely enough, never did.

Finally, we have also integrated a couple different chat solutions on client websites recently, none of them, and we wanted to try something new. The cost of integrating chat is so low these days, we figured, why not.

So far so good.

Stop by The chat window appears in the lower righthand corner.

avatar new york with purechat homepage with chat client

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