So you say you want a Revolution!

New York City based, Avatar New York, an independent Interactive and Web Design agency, along with European partner, Vide Infra Grupa, announces the launch of Avatar Vantage, a revolutionary Content Management Solution (CMS). Initiated in 2000 in the European market under the name Site Manager, the original CMS prototype was implemented for several clients as a series of visual content administration tools. Exceeding expectations in each of its installed sites, the CMS’s outstanding benefits of a unique block-and-module architecture and visual environment proved ready for market. By the release of version 2.0 in 2002, Site Manager became one of the most comprehensive content management and development platforms on the market – gaining further recognition with a number of global-leader implementations including British Airways.

Already with many leading features such as Page Templates and Layouts, Access Rights and Workflow, Custom Web Applications, and a Powerful Engine, Vantage’s current 3.0 release gains ground breaking technological add-ons. In this latest version, new enhancements include an industry leading page template engine, extended application server functionality and an improved user interface. All of its features, along with superb customer support services and a growing install base makes Vantage set for success more than ever before. For a full list of features and a flash demo, visit

“Avatar Vantage has been designed with both the developer and end-user in mind,” says Patrick Tully - Chief Technology Officer for Avatar New York. “The design strategy behind Vantage was to create a CMS that easily promotes 4 core online business strategies – Find, Show, Acquire and Retain. Website visibility, updating content quickly and building e-marketing strategies are key elements to a company’s online success. Vantage’s customizable templates and modular design is so flexible and easy that it allows our customers to maximize these strategies while significantly lowering overall site maintenance cost. One notable example is the website we designed for using Vantage. This website recently won IMR’s Usability Excellence Award for Best Consumer Magazine Website. As CTO and a partner at Avatar, I am very proud of this achievement.”

About Avatar New York
Avatar New York web design is technology-driven digital marketing agency. Avatar New York designs B2B digital solutions that generate leads, grow sales, and increase engagement. We build intelligent websites for any type of business.